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Is your roof looking dirty? Have you noticed black streaks ruining the appearance of your roof?  These black streaks are what is called gloeocapsa magma, which is an air borne type of algae that clings to your roof, slowly eating away at your roof, resulting in your roofs lifespan to shorten if left untreated.

The good news is that here at Safeguard Softwash, we can save you from a premature replacement of your roof by safely cleaning the roof vs replacing.  We can make your roof look new again instantly before we leave your home with our formulated roof cleaning softwash process.

This type of algae not only spreads on your roof but it also eats away at your roof which can cause long term damages to your roof or structure such as holes, leaks, etc. This is where it’s important and recommended by the ARMA (Ashpalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) to have your roof cleaned every few years to prevent these growths. Not only is our softwash roof cleaning process recommended by ARMA, it’s also required and/or recommended by most insurance companies and Home Owners Associations to keep your roof cleaned and maintained.

Our roof cleaning technicians would love to help restore your dirty roof into it’s natural beauty to bring back your homes curb appeal and value by restoring your roof! Give us a call or fill out our estimate form for your free quote!  

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